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Dharmawiki is a platform for one and all who what to learn, contribute, discuss and reflect on the traditional viewpoints of Sanatana Dharma. Narratives on Dharmawiki are built by an ever growing team of qualified authors and editors coming from diverse educational, adhyatmik and cultural backgrounds yet each of them have sound technical knowledge infused with a commitment to uphold Dharmik values.

Dharmawiki Content Policies
मूलसिद्धान्तसमैक्यता ॥ Integral Unity of Sanatana Dharma
अननुवाद्यता ॥ Non-translatability
परीक्षणम् ॥ Verifiability
रचनासौष्ठवम् ॥ Towards Diligence
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All those associated with Dharmawiki, particularly the collaborators, moderators, editors and authors of articles on this portal are required to bear the following aspects deep inside

  • Strong belief in principles of Sanatana Dharma
  • Respect for Differences in Siddhantas
  • Follow and practice Dharmik thought process
  • Dedication to the core ideas and concepts of this project
  • Open to Content verification
  • Engage in active research of any subject matter
  • Engage in consultation with scholars and peers
  • Work for Dharma not for Fame or Gain

Authors who contribute on this portal are essentially like-minded registered users with a passion to play their part in furthering Sanatana Dharma for the generations to come. The following are the different roles of people associated with the site in one or many ways.

  • Technical Coordinator is one, who as a part of the core team, plays an important role in hosting the site, handling all the technical aspects and maintaining the site. He has the authority to give or revoke rights, make required modifications of the site after consultations with the core team. He steers the technical structure, data management, security, hosting and maintenance aspects. His role in content creation is restricted to associated technical aspects and feasibility.
  • Dharmawiki Editor is one who is engaged in the core team, in building the site contents and plays an active role in decision making working along with the other team members and scholars. They are registered users having many administrative rights and have approval powers to make significant changes both technically (to a certain extent) and content wise. They play a significant role in steering the content structure on site, moderate, guide and channelize the other users on the site.
  • Guest Author is a registered user who is engaged with Dharmawiki project in content generation aspects only. Their inputs and suggestions are received by the moderators/senior editors who discuss them with the core team and incorporate them as required. They are the primary resources for articles on various subject matters and should adhere to the Content Policies while creating the articles. They are registered users with restricted editing rights, whose interests and profile are kept on file in the site, and can contribute articles once approved by the core team. Editors and Authors have to familiarize themselves with the guidelines as they deal extensively with the content generation.
  • Unregistered User is the end user, visiting the site, interested in knowing about Sanatana Dharma, wanting to adopt dharmika jivana vidhana. Unregistered users, at this juncture, are restricted to edit the article or narratives. Users can however, present their thoughts, views, references, video links, blog references, images etc on the Discussion or Talk pages. Few others who may visit the site for learning or engaging in a debate about any topic of their concern can do so using the Discussion and Talk tabs of that topic. Users can potentially become guest authors on the site by requesting an account on Dharmawiki site. Upon screening and acceptance they can contribute articles or narratives within the framework of Dharmawiki policies.   


DharmaWiki has developed the Content Policies and Guidelines for Authors and Editors over a period of time and it is a continuous process of refinement. However, to contribute articles familiarity with these documents is not an absolute requirement. One can access the ever-growing list of objectives and collaborate with us if interested in particular aspects/themes listed in this portal.

Like-minded scholars, academicians, research students, college goers, the learned, the readers, the curious .....of all ages, gender, of any sociocultural background, in any part of the world ... we invite one and all to read and contribute to the narratives on this portal.