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Narratives on DharmaWiki are built by an ever growing team of qualified authors and editors coming from diverse educational, adhyatmik and cultural backgrounds yet have sound technical knowledge. Dedicated to the core idea of this project, each of them actively research and delve into the subject matter, consult with scholars and peers, engage in verifying content and present the ideas within the scope of the Dharmawiki project. This article describes the guidelines for editors and authors associated with the core team of Dharmawiki.

Editors in general have at least four or more of the following activities as their responsibilities

  1. be vigilant that the site is up and accessible and inform the technical team if it is down or if pages are not accessible
  2. receive requests of creating accounts on site and follow up with the users
  3. maintain and update the required templates and spreadsheets with pertinent data
  4. edit and move article content as per the standard format developed in
  5. ensure that articles adhere to the content policies incorporated in the site
  6. ensure that articles maintain the academic standards of presentation content-wise
  7. identify any discrepancies on site and make required technical changes after team consultation
  8. coordinate and collaborate with scholars/authors in creating/editing articles
  9. technically coordinate with traditional scholars to incorporate their work, media, references
  10. maintain and share the book and media resources
  11. ensure copyrighted material is incorporated and contact the concerned persons to obtain permissions
  12. attend meetings/conferences regarding Dharmawiki as decided by the core team
  13. address the workflow problems of guest authors and users to the greatest possible extent
  14. questions in discussion/talk pages are forwarded to scholars in that particular area for reply
  15. bring in scholars to participate in discussion/talk pages

Dharmawiki articles are written from a traditional dharmika point-of-view (Dharma Point Of View) fairly and proportionately, as far as possible, representing the scholarly views in the primary texts and recent publications on numerous topics presented in the ancient texts of Sanatana Dharma. Open source material is used within the framework of Dharmawiki policies.

Author Help pages contain more guidelines and content policies which are constantly being developed and refined.