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The DharmaWiki website is now open for the guests who would like to author their own articles. A Guest Author can Request Account to start creating new articles or edit existing articles. The detailed technical flowsheet to create articles will be shortly dealt with. However, the articles should match with the theme of existing DharmaWiki articles.

Typical cases in which you would like to become a guest author in this website are

  • You have interest in Ancient Bharat's tradition based on the Literature and want to express your views
  • You want to complement an existing DharmaWiki article adding your own published article contributions
  • You are a researcher in Ancient Bharat's tradition and want to create a review article on your subject, to arouse interest in the research-community
  • You are a student working for a thesis in Ancient Bharat's Literature and want to create introductory articles by collaborating with your peers, seniors and guides
  • You are an academician who wants to discuss your traditional viewpoint with other scholars on the subject
  • You are a traditional scholar in ancient Bharat's literature who wants a forum to discuss hiterto unexplored areas of the subject


The guests (you) who want to become authors can register on site by describing the area of interest and the type of contribution they (you) want to make. On approval, you will be given an ID to login and create articles in the site of your own interests. Register on site in any one of the following two ways.

Once received we will process your request and intimate you via email communication only, about further steps.


Once registered and approved guest authors become the content creators on Dharmawiki. They

  • have to familiarize themselves with the guidelines for understanding the style of writing on this portal and procedures available in Author Help pages to create a new page, editing options, moving a page (renaming a page) and other related aspects.
  • have to adhere to the content policies incorporated in the site
  • have to maintain reasonable timelines when creating articles of importance and as such communicate with the editors
  • in case of disagreements communicate so to the editors and wait for response from core team
  • may contact other scholars when in doubt regarding any concepts and show the relevant arguments
  • may use their own published work for content on dharmawiki
  • may request technical help (example uploading images, media) from the editors
  • may also partake in Discussion and Talk pages of articles authored by others


However, guest authors are restricted in certain ways.

  • They should not alter the contents of any existing page other than those authored by them
  • Extrapolations and psycho-analysis of concepts are very strictly discouraged.
  • Personal videos, blog references, personal images (not relevant to Dharmawiki topics) should not be uploaded.
  • Do not upload images, they will be evaluated by moderators before they can be uploaded into the relevant pages so please send it to them first.
  • Guest author shall not publish any content that is not matching with the theme of existing Dharmawiki articles
  • Author shall upload illustrations and images but they are to be of the smallest possible size in preferred formats (JPG and PNG)
  • Guest authors should not upload video files. Video illustrations may be uploaded to YouTube and a link may be added in the article, the video will play inside the article. It is the responsibility of the guest author to include videos, editors are not obligated to make or provide videos or illustrations.