Pumsavana (पुंसवनम्)

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Pumsavana is a rite which takes place to a pregnant lady.

पुमान् सूयते अनेन इति पुंसवनम्। pumān sūyate anena iti puṃsavanam।

Male child is born by this and therefore it is called Puṃsavanam.

पुंसुवनं व्यक्ते गर्भे तिष्येण। (आपस्तम्बगृह्यसूत्रम्, १४.९)

puṃsuvanaṃ vyakte garbhe tiṣyeṇa। (Āpastambagṛhyasūtram, 14.9)

The Puṃsuvanam is to be performed when pregnancy is apparent under the star "Tiṣya" ( = Puṣyamī) .

Puṃsavanam and Puṃsuvanam are synonyms. It is to be performed when the pregnancy becomes apparent, i.e. third or fourth month, and during the period of Puṣyamī star. A shoot from the fag-end of a branch of Nyagrodha (Banyan tree) is to be crushed and the juice has to be dropped in the right nostril of the wife by husband, while reciting some Mantras, prescribed.