Vedic AstroMeteorology based Weather Forecast by S. Ramachandran

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Vedic Astro-Meteorology is the science of using the vedic sutras (aphorisms) on astronomy to forecast global weather conditions. An astro-meteorologist, S. Ramachandran from Tamil Nadu has been researching this field since 1997 and has successfully published Weather forecasts with the ancient Vedic knowledge system as the basis.


‘I predict natural disasters using vedic knowledge’, says S. Ramachandran on Technology News.

Ramchandran’s interest in astrology began in early ’90s that led him to explore deep into ancient texts like Jyotida Vishayamritham later, moving into astro-meteorology where he studied texts like the Brhat Samhita. Vedic astro-meteorology is a geocentric study ie. it keeps Earth as the central point of study. S. Ramachandran prepares a geocentric planetary graph every year using data from the NASA website and juxtaposes it with the veidic sutras (aphorisms or formulae available in Vedic texts) to forecast weather and earthquakes. According to him, these texts explain inter-planetary relationships, the struggle between their orbiting positions and the effect of their disturbance on the sun and the earth. Explaining further he says,

"In Vedic astro-meteorology the geocentric study has divided the solar system into two parts for studying the behaviour patterns — one among the planets between sun and earth and the second among planets beyond earth. They also provide significance to the alignment of plants with a particular star in the zodiac. For instance, the 2004 tsunami in Chennai which occurred on a full moon day, was owing to a particular inter-planetary struggle and the effect was delivered by moon aligning with Mrigasrisham (Orionis)." [1]

Transcription of S.Ramachandran's Interview

Interviewer: There were floods in Kerala recently. You had already predicted these floods. What kind of prediction was it ? When did you give it and on what basis ?

S.Ramachandran: I publish my weather forecasts in the previous year itself. For instance, the annual weather forecast for the year 2018 was ready by the end of July, 2017 and was published by August, 2017. In that, I have specified the dates of rains, when the monsoon will set, it will be sluggish, etc. I my forecast I have clearly given date specific data on how on certain dates there are possibilities of floods due to heavy rains. However, I have failed in one thing. I said that from the end of June until August will witness the best rainfall in the South-West monsoon period. I had also mentioned that South and North-west will have deficit rainfall while east, central and north India will get good rains. That is my short coming. However, the calamity struck on the dates provided by my forecast. I have learnt what my mistake was - the rains now were depression related. At the time of depression, its outer wing became extremely powerful giving heavy rains in the catchment areas and hills in the westcoast. There have been rains and related problems in Orissa and Madhya Pradesh where I predicted also. Ofcourse, I didn't expect loss in such a huge magnitude but heavy rains and flooding has occurred on the dates predicted by me.

Interviewer: Are there chances of more flooding in Kerala or the Southern regions ?

S.Ramachandran: As per IMD and the meteorological institutes world over consider that seasons start in a specific period and end in a specific period like a train. I cannot agree to that. According to them the South-West monsoon season should end by 30th of September. But this year, the South-West monsoon season will go beyond that. This year's South-West monsoon will show a relief by 16th August and again rain between 18-20 August. Infact, my prediction starts from the first week of September. If you see that, I have given rainfall with winds at isolated places until the second week of September with date specifications. All my forecats are available on

Beginning from September 16th until the third week of October monsoon will be activated once again. And once again there will be rains in Kerala, the South and the North-east. There are chances of reduced rainfall in central and North-West India. But definitely beginning with the third week of September, there are high chances of rainfall in Kerala and the South.

Interviewer: How similar is your prediction to that of the IMD ?

S.Ramachandran: As far as IMD is concerned, they have two types of predictions. One is the numerical model which is their monsoon forecast. Before the end of May, they provide an approximation as to the percentage of the South-West monsoon and the areas that will be covered. The detailed forecast is not accessible to general public, they may be providing it to the departments in the respective states. But, the numerical model is not scientific. The numerical model which takes into account a short duration of 60 to 100 years as the basis is not an appropriate method to approach such a vast subject. Their short term forecasts is called the dynamic model and is computerised prediction that they give for 10 days or 240 hours. Even in that, not just IMD, even NOVA or the UK based Meta office, they can all be believed to an extent of 48-72 hours. We cannot trust accuracy for beyond 48 hours. Within that, the precipitation calculation is correct only for up to 24 hours and beyond that it varies. So their method is completely observation based; based on satellite pictures, wind direction, its levels, ocean templates etc.

My method is purely theory based. Also, one should not compare me to them. Because, meteorological department is a research institute with huge man-power, system support and international tie-ups and mine is individual research. This is something I do beyond my profession solely on account of my interest with restricted devotion of time towards it. My qualification is also an hindrance. Even though I have studied physics, I haven't worked in that field beyond it. I learnt fast because of my passion and I am still improving on that. In this Science, whatever I have predicted have all come true and there has been destruction. Both the destruction due to drought as well as the floods have pained me. My wish is that if the government takes this up in a big level through a research institute and perfects it, within 2 years forecasts for many future years can be made ready. And I can say with confidence that human labour will not be wasted and there will be no loss of human life.

Interviewer: Please elaborate on your science and predictions, what is its name, how did it begin and what is the goal towards which you are working now ?

S.Ramachandran: It was in 1995 that I got a small clue that it is possible to speak about weather. I read a phrase 'भानुमध्यमम्’ in a book. Bhanu is Sun and madhyamam refers to the 2 planets ie. Budha (Mercury) and Shukra (Venus) between us (Earth) and the Sun. Mercury revolves around the Sun in great speed while the speed of Venus is similar to that of the Earth. Mercury and Venus are to the two sides of the Sun when we see it from the Earth (ie.Geocentric). In this arrangement, predictions like rains will be there or not or when both of them are together (Mercury and Venus), rains will be so much are possible. However, there are thousands of variables in this. For instance, in 360 degrees, if both are together, then whether they are close by or farther from each other, such variables are many. Above all this, since our Earth is in a 23 degree tilt, where are they in relation to this tilted position; all this is a very complicated study. I do not know spherical trigonometry and as for astronomy, I am learning that every day. Even though these limitations exist, a lot of equations that I have crystallized are helping me. In that, identifying the influence of other celestial bodies, I give my forecast.

My forecast, beginning with the Kandla port cyclone in 1998, 2011 Thane hurricane, 2009 monsoon failure, 2014 hudhud cyclone that hit vishakapatnam, 2016 heavy rains that caused lots of devastation in Maharashtra, reduced North-East monsoon in 2017 and its related loss, the first 6 months of 2018 wont have great rains matched the conditions. In fact, according to newspaper repots, 16 districts were facing drought-like situation. Also, in 2009, in a period of drought, when I mentioned there will also be floods, it did happen thus. All this signify that my forecast is going perfectly well. This encourages me and I become more focused towards my research. Also, as against six month prior, I now publish my forecast one year in advance. My forecast for the year 2018 was published on 1st August 2017. It has happened according to what was mentioned there.

Those people who point out my error in judging two to three locations, should criticise my shortcoming rather than the science itself. This science is so useful that, when it is perfected, we can prepare a timetable of sorts for thousands of years into the future saving any kind of destruction to human life or property. My wish is that this should be made use of.

Interviewer: The Vedic Meteorology that you are talking about, how far is it authentic ? Because some things are beyond science...

S. Ramachandran: This is Science. There is no question of anything being beyond science here. Because I am not predicting by rolling out shells or chanting some mantras over lemon. I prepare a geocentric graph. Trying to prepare multiple graphs in the same way, I have just got the vision to prepare two more additional graphs with the help of available data. I am going to make that graph. That is why, even though my 2019 forecast was complete in 2017, I havent released it till date because I feel it should not be simply released, some kind of improvement should be achieved year after year. So, I am still sitting on that, trying to gather data, trying to improve on that. This cannot be told without science. The Vedas have certain formula. I relate those formula with scientific data.

I am trying to explain this because one should not confuse this with astrology. We all know about planetary positions. For the major part of this year, Saturn is going to be in Dhanush Rashi. There are many variables between the arrangement of the Danush rashi 30 years ago and today. These variables can be checked only with scientific data. We cannot check it by simply drawing tables. That is different. Here, right from the angular position, we can only relate with the help of scientific data. The theory calculations (in astrology) is different from the calculations here. So. I am interpreting it scientifically taking into consideration other things.

Just to prove that it is scientific,

When we talk about Rahu and Ketu, we say that they dont exist and people who dont know about it speak much. Both Rahu and Ketu have specific value that is called lunar nodes. The Moon cuts the revolutionary path of the Earth around the Sun at two points. One is the ascending node and the other is the descending node. And these are very very significant. People stumble in the forecast because they ignore this significance. I have included all this and day after day I keep improving on how to include this.

In fact, there are secret projects in foreign countries. If we check its background, it is highly scary. I dont wish to elaborate on that. But it is sure that they have also clandestinely focused on such research. They may not disclose it outwardly until they succeed in it. We should not get fooled by the thought that they are not working on it. They have information equivalent to our tradition, vedic culture and vedic texts and they are seriously trying to decode it. Just as they strive to get the patent for simple things like basmati rice and turmeric, if they decode this science, it is very much possible that they claim it as theirs. The Indian government should take lead before that. This science is an asset to the entire world that belongs only to India. My request is that it should be made use of.