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  • ...that Maharshi Rshyashrnga (ऋष्यशृङ्गः), was the chief priest of the Putrakameshti Yajna performed by Dasharatha, because of which SriRama and his three brothers were born? Rshyashringa was the husband of Shanta, who is said to be the daughter of Dasharatha and given to Romapada in adoption.

  • ...that Indra's Vajrayudha was made from Maharshi Dadichi's (दधीचिः) bones? Indra's invincible Vajyrayudha (the thunderbolt weapon) was prepared by Tvashtra or the devashilpi Visvakarma.

  • ...that Airavata (ऐरावतः), the sacred white elephant, on which Indra rode, was instrumental in Devasura sangrama and samudra manthana?

  • ...that it was Sampati (सम्पातिः), the elder brother of Jatayu, a vulture, who informed Hanuman and the vanaras about the whereabouts of Sita in Lanka, after she was taken away by Ravanasura?