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In the battle between the Gods and the Asuras, most of the Asuras were killed and one Asura fled from the clutches of death to Patala (the nether world). Surasa was the daughter of that Asura. Kasyapa married Surasa. To them were born the two daughters, Angaraka (Simhika) and Ajamukhi, and four sons, called Surapadma, Simhavaktra, Tarakasura and Gomukha. Thus Simhika is the sister of Tarakasura. (Skanda Purana, Asura Kanda). (Page 39, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi)

Valmiki Ramayana narrates the origin of elephants thus; "Kasyapa was born to Marici,son of Brahma. Kasyapa married the daughters, Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kalika, Tamra, Krodhavasa, Manu and Anala, of Daksaprajapati. Of these Krodhavasa gave birth to ten girls, Mrgi, Mrgamada, Hari, Bhadramata, Matangi, Sarduli, Sveta, Surabhi, Surasa, and Kadru. Elephants were born as the sons of Matangi. (Sarga 14, Aranya Kanda, Valmiki Ramayana).  (Page 87, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi)

Whether Kadru was the wife or daughter of Kasyapa is a question which remains unanswered still in the Puranas. Chapter 65 of Bhasa Bharata states like this. “The six adhyatmik sons of Brahma are : Marici, Angiras, Atri, Pulastya, Pulaha and Kratu. Marici got a son named Kasyapa and he married the thirteen daughters of Daksa, namely, Aditi, Diti, Kala, Danayus, Danu, Simhika, Krodha, Pradha, Visva, Vinata, Kapila, Muni and Kadru. So according to this, Kadru was the wife of Kasyapa.” But the 14th Sarga of Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana states : “Daksaprajapati got sixty illustrious daughters and of these Kasyapa married Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kalika, Tamra, Krodhavasa, Muni and Surasa. Krodhavasa gave birth to eight daughters. They were : Mrgi, Mrgamanda, Hari, Bhadramata, Matangi, Sarduli, Sveta, Surabhi, Surasa and Kadru.  (Page 363, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi) Similarly Surasa

In Caksusa Manvantara, the sage Sutapas performed a penance along with his wife Prsni for 12,000 years. Lord Visnu appeared to them and asked what boon they wished to ask. They prayed that the Lord should take birth as their son. Visnu granted their prayer and was born as their son. In the next Manvantara (the period of Vaivasvata Manu) Sutapas and Prgni were re-born as Kasyapa and Aditi respectively. At that time also Mahavisnu was born to Aditi as Vamana. In this birth, Kasyapa had many other wives besides Aditi. Surasa was one of those wives. (Bhagavata, 10th Skandha ). It was this Kasyapa himself who was reborn as Vasudeva and Aditi became Devaki. Surasa was born as Rohini, another wife. There is another reason for Kasyapa and Aditi to take birth for the third time. Once Kasyapa had prepared to perform a Yaga. All arrangements were complete. But the sacrificial cow alone was not available. Kasyapa solved the problem by stealing a cow from Varuna's cattle-shed. Aditi and Surasa concealed it in the Asrama. Enraged at the theft of his cow, Varuna complained to Brahma. A curse was pronounced by Brahma and Varuna that as a punishment for stealing and hiding the cow, Kasyapa should be reborn as a cowherd and Aditi and Surasa should be reborn as the cowherd's wives. It was by this curse that Kasyapa, Aditi and Surasa were reborn as Vasudeva Devaki and Rohini respectively. (Devi Bhagavata, 4th Skandha).(Page 397, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi)

Once Kasyapa made all arrangements to perform a yajna. Having failed to get the suitable cow for it, he stole Varuna's cow and conducted the yaga. Not only that, Kasyapa refused to return the cow even after the yaga was over. Varuna in hot anger rushed to Kasyapa’s hermitage. Kasyapa was absent, and his wives, Aditi and Surasa did not treat Varuna with due respect. The enraged Varuna cursed them to be born in Gokula. He also complained about the matter to Brahma. Brahma told Kasyapa : "Since you, a learned person, have stolen the cow, may you along with your wives be born in Gokula and tend cows". Accordingly Kasyapa and his wives, Aditi and Surasa, were born respectively as Vasudeva, Devaki and Rohini in Gokula in the 28th Dvapara yuga. (This story has been told by Vyasa to Raja Janamejaya). (Devibhagavata, Skandha 4). (Page 3, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi)

Angada said that for the search for Sita in Lanka as told by Sampati, some one should jump across the ocean. Though many a monkey tried to do so it was Hanuman, who succeeded in crossing the sea. At one jump he reached the heights of Mahendragiri whence he took another jump forward. But, midway Surasa, mother of the nagas, swallowed him, and he came out through her ear and continued his journey towards Lanka. (Page 636, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi)

At the time of the war between Devas and Asuras, Sukra taught Surasa a mantra to destroy everything. (Skanda Purana, Asura Kanda). (Page 761, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi)

Nagas and Uragas are two sects of serpents. From Surasa were born Nagas and from Kadru, Uragas. (Valmiki Ramayana, Aranya Kanda, Canto 14, Verse 28). Surasa was born from the wrath of Krodhavasa and the former had three daughters called Anala, Ruha and Virudha. (Adi Parva, Chapter 66, Verse 61). To test whether Hanuman, who jumped into Lanka to seek out Sita, possessed power enough for the purpose, Devagandharvas beckoned Surasa to them and told her as follows: "You mother of nagas, do please assume a terrible form like a big mountain and appear before Hanuman and obstruct his passage. As soon as she heard the injunction, she jumped before Hanuman and attempted to devour him In spite of Hanuman's earnest pleadings she stood before him with her mouth opened wide. Hanuman then, by his power of illusion, grew ten yojanas in size. Then Surasa opened her mouth twenty yojanas wide. Hanuman then grew thirty yojanas in size and Surasa opened her mouth forty yojanas wide. In this competition ultimately when Surasa opened her mouth hundred yojanas wide, Hanuman reduced his size to that of a finger, entered Surasa's mouth and came out through her ear. Surasa was pleased and blessed Hanuman. (Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kanda, Canto 1). Surasa lives in the court of Brahma worshipping him. (Sabha Parva, Chapter 11, Verse 39). Rohini, mother of Balabhadrarama, was an incarnation of Surasa. (Devi Bhagavata, Skandha 4). (Page 767, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi)

YATUDHANA. One of the sons of Kasyapa and Surasa. All Raksasas who were born in this family are known as "Yatudhanas". (Page 895, Puranic Encyclopedia - Vettam Maṇi)