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सामगानम् and गान्धर्वगानम्।: Removed content
Gramageyagana and Aranyagana are connected with purvarcika and are called Prakriti gana.<ref name=":0" />
The portion of the first song of Samaveda illustrates the link and mapping of Rigvedic verses into a melodic chant:[1]
Vina (lute) is mentioned in Samaveda.[20]
अग्न आ याहि वीतये – Rigveda 6.16.10[21]
Agna ā yāhi vītaye
Samaveda transformation (Jaiminiya manuscript):
o gnā i / ā yā hi vā
i / tā yā i tā yā i /
O Agni, come to the feast.
— Samaveda 1.1.1, Translated by Frits Staal[1]
— V. Raghavan, [7]

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