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Kalpa (Samskrit : कल्पः) not to be confused with Kalpas defined by Kala pramana (time) is a part of the [[Shad Vedangas (षड्वेदाङ्गानि)|Shad Vedangas]]. They are called as Sutragranthas consisting of a group of texts that relate specifically to aspects of conduct of Vedic yajnas or Shrauta yajnas, their procedural and result explanations, measurements involved and associated dharmas. [[File:Kalpa Sarwang.png|thumb|500x500px|'''Guru describing preparation of Vedi for Yajna''']]Usually described as the "arms of Vedapurusha", they systematically codified the ceremonies given in the Brahmana texts of the Vedas referred to as manuals for karmakanda or yajna related activities. It may be noted that the article is titled Kalpa Vedanga to distinguish it from Kalpa, the time terminology. [[File:Kalpa Sarwang.png|none|thumb|500x500px|'''Guru describing preparation of Vedi for Yajna''']]
== परिचयः ॥ Introduction ==
== Sulbasutras ==
One of the prime occupations of the vedic people, performing yajnas, required altars or yajna-vedis of prescribed shapes and sizes. Sulbasutras came into existence by recognizing the fact that manuals would be of immense help in constructing such altars. These texts were primarily to assist the adhvaryus in the construction of altars designed for the performance of a variety of yajnas. Thus Sulbasutras are associated with Shrautasutras. Chiti (चितिः) or fire altars are of two types, based on their usage in
* नित्यकर्म - daily ritual
* काम्यकर्म - intended for specific wish fulfilment

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