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== Texts ==
[[Kalpa Vedanga (कल्पवेदाङ्गम्)|Kalpa Vedanga]] which included the [[Dharmasutras (धर्मसूत्राणि)]], followed by Smrtis, Dharmashastras, more recently the Nibandhas (Nirnayasindhu, Dharmasindhu to name a few are dated works) are the four kinds of texts in which the dharmas evolved in the context of codes of conduct and justice. However, there are various versions about the vidhis of topics in different texts. For example, Baudhayaya recognises 8 kinds of marriage, of which Apastamba mentions only 6 omitting prajapatya and paisacha kinds of marriages. The Itihasas also played a significant role in shaping dharmashastras so as the puranas.
According to Manu a Dharmashastra is a Smrti. <blockquote>श्रुतिस्तु वेदो विज्ञेयो धर्मशास्त्रं तु वै स्मृतिः । (Manu. Smrt. 2.10)</blockquote>However, there are differences between Smrtis and Dharmashastras.
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