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Sanatana Dharma (सनातनधर्मः)

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*It is the acceptance of it in your heart and the practices that you adopt.
*However, you can approach a guru of your choice who inspires you and can guide you and then ask for diksha, or initiation, for learning more about the Vedic path in the school of thought or parampara that your guru represents.
==Views of some prominent scholars on Sanatana Dharma==
*Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, prominent Vedantist and former President of India mentioned the following about Hindu (Sanatana) Dharma<ref>Radhakrishnan, S. (1926). ''Hindu view of life''. George Allen And Unwin Ltd, London.</ref>: "The Hindu attitude to religion is interesting. While fixed intellectual beliefs mark off one religion from another, Hinduism sets itself no such limits. Intellect is subordinate to intuition, dogma to experience, outer expression to inward realization. Religion is not the acceptance of academic abstractions or the celebration of ceremonies, but a kind of life or experience".  

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