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धर्मस्थानानि ॥ Dharmasthanas
There are different versions and ways in which many shlokas and mantras have been interpreted by different scholars across ages. Enforcement of Dharma was of prime importance since Vedic era.
In the present days, numerous questions and doubts about the dharmik activities, unknown to the present generation, are preached but not practiced by many people who have studied the Dharmashastras. Sadly, practicing dharmas and acharas laid down in the dharmashastras for various people of four varnas and ashramas have become very limited in this age, some for valid and some due to devious reasons in the name of religion. Much confusion exists in the society as what and who is to be approached as a valid source for deciding of knowledge to decide dharmas pertaining related to the present generation.
Also in the name of traditions many superfluous traditions have cropped up, many new dharmas and shastra asammata paddhatis have been floated such as pouring milk (abhisheka) on the idols and statues of politicians, in the name of puja and dharmachara. Consider ancient times when Rajas and Maharajas, took great responsibility of their subjects and strove to set an example to the society. Kshatra dharma was the foundation of their very character, which, is totally lacking in many politicians of the present system of social administration. So is the case regarding people of all four varnas Needless to say varna and ashramasashrama dharmas are gradually lost in time.
Our acharas have a dharmik background and a valid reason for performing them was explained in the ancient times. Gradually they became symbolic as we lost the people who could explain any particular tradition and without appropriate guidance younger generations are turning towards modern faiths as they are “easier and fashionable” to follow.

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