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Kshatriya Dharma (क्षत्रियधर्मः)

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===क्षत्रियः ॥ Kshatriya===
<blockquote>प्रजानां रक्षणं दानं इज्याध्ययनं एव च । विषयेष्वप्रसक्तिश्च क्षत्रियस्य समासतः । । १.८९ । ।<ref name=":0">Manusmrti, [ Adhyaya 1]</ref></blockquote><blockquote>prajānāṁ rakṣaṇaṁ dānaṁ ijyādhyayanaṁ eva ca ।viṣayeṣvaprasaktiśca kṣatriyasya samāsataḥ । । 1.89 । ।</blockquote>Meaning: For the Kshatriya he ordained protecting of the people, giving of gifts, sacrificing and studying, as also abstaining prom being addicted to the objects of sense (1.89).<ref name=":1">Ganganath Jha (1920-39), Manusmrti ([ Vol.3]), Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited.</ref>
According to the Bhagavata Purana, the means of livelihood of a raja who protects his subjects is derived from taxes levied on subjects with the exception of Brahmanas (who were exempted from taxation). (AITM, Vol.9, P.964)
राज्ञो वृत्तिः प्रजागोप्तुरविप्राद्वा करादिभिः ॥ १४॥
rājño vr̥ttiḥ prajāgopturaviprādvā karādibhiḥ ॥ 14॥ (Bh. Pu. Skanda 7, Adhyaya 11, Verse 14).
== References ==
# (2015). ''Shrimad Bhagvadgita, Chapter 18.'' Gorakhpur:Gita Press.

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