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Aupasana (औपासनः)

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* Aupasana is to be performed by the grihasthas of the three varnas. Valmiki Ramayana in Ayodhya kanda mentions that Sri Ramachandra, a kshatriya, enquires Bharata about tending the Agni in the house. <blockquote>कच्चिद् अग्निषु ते युक्तो विधिज्नो मतिमान् ऋजुः | हुतम् च होष्यमाणम् च काले वेदयते सदा || २-१००-१२ (Valm. Rama. 2.100.12)</blockquote><blockquote>Meaning : "I hope that a brahmin who is versed in the traditions, who is intelligent and just, employed in your sacred fires, always informs you in time, about a sacrificial fire having been or going to be fed with oblations."<ref>Valmiki Ramayana [ Ayodhya Kanda] Sarga 100</ref></blockquote>
* Aahutis must be offered to Surya in the morning and Agni in the evening.
* Every grihastha has to maintain the agni until he is prevented by old age or illness or death. In case where he cannot perform it on behalf of him his son, brother or son-in-lawmay perform the ritual. <ref name=":122222222">Purkayastha, Dipanjona (2014) Ph. D Thesis from Assam University : ''[ A Study of the Asvalayana srauta sutra with reference to the principal sacrifices]''</ref> According to Satapatha Brahmana <blockquote>एतद्वै जरामर्यं सत्रं यदग्निहोत्रं जरया वा ह्येवास्मान्मुच्यते मृत्युना वा (Sata. Brah. </blockquote><blockquote>ētadvai jarāmaryaṁ satraṁ yadagnihōtraṁ jarayā vā hyēvāsmānmucyatē mr̥tyunā vā (Sata. Brah.</blockquote><blockquote>Summary: this agnihotram is 'jaraamarya satra' because he can get relief from this only if he dies or becomes old. </blockquote>
* Performance of nitya agnihotra is mandated to the grihasta men of all three varnas. If due to any reason, a grihasta has not conducted agnihotra rituals, he can do so after performing the praayaschitta vidhis as given in the Srauta sastras.<ref name=":122222222" />
* As a nityakriya agnihotra, Anuditahomi's perform homa before sunrise and some Uditahomi's after sunset.<ref name=":122222222" />

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