Sat (सत्)

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Krishna divides the existence into two parts, सत् || sat (the real) and असत् || asat (unreal or say maya). Krishna also implies that Sat is the sustaining force, which is always already present.

This understanding comes very close to the search that Einstein always had,

"a theory of everything."

Some force or energy has to be there which can explain every thing.

To Krishna, Sat and Asat are so clear. He says that Asat has no independent existence, meaning thereby that Asat can only exist on the shoulders of the Sat. Krishna knows what he is saying, and that is there is some energy source (Sat) that sustains whatever we are able to perceive, the unreal (the Asat). Krishna knew then that Sat (the unseen or the real) is the underlying energy of the Asat (the one that we can see, the Asat). Sat, as energy force is there but its manifestation is what we see. Sat and Asat appear two but Asat cannot exist without Sat, Sat is the sustaining force. The Sat is a vibrant living energy; we can call it Consciousness or simply Parmatma.


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