Mukteshvara Mandir

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Location: In Juhu, Mumbai.

About the Temple: This is the oldest temple in Juhu. Lord Śiva appears here as Mukteśwara. The temple is atleast 400 years old and is now nicely renovated. The main temple also houses Śri Rāma Parivār.

Mukteshvara Devalay mumbai.jpg

Recently, a new 7-storied building dedicated to various Gods and Bhaktās was constructed: 1st floor Annapurna A Mhatre satsang Hall, 2nd floor Tirupati Balaji Darbar, 3rd floor Ashtavinayak Darshan, 4th floor NavDurga Devi Darbar, 5th floor Vithoba Rukmai & Santh Darbar, 6th floor Sai Baba Darbar and murti or vigrahas of other great Gurus. 7th flr 12 Jyotirling (Shivling) Darbar.