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local p = {}

-- Credit to -- cc-by-sa 3.0 local function tableMerge(t1, t2, overwrite) for k,v in pairs(t2) do if type(v) == "table" and type(t1[k]) == "table" then -- since type(t1[k]) == type(v) == "table", so t1[k] and v is true tableMerge(t1[k], v, overwrite) -- t2[k] == v else if overwrite or t1[k] == nil then t1[k] = v end end end return t1 end

function p.loadI18n(name, i18n_arg) local exist, res = pcall(require, name) if exist and next(res) ~= nil then if i18n_arg then tableMerge(i18n_arg, res.i18n, true) elseif type(i18n) == "table" then -- merge to global i18n tableMerge(i18n, res.i18n, true) end end end

function p.loadI18nFrame(frame, i18n_arg) p.loadI18n(frame:getTitle().."/i18n", i18n_arg) end

return p