Kurma Avatara (कूर्मावतारम्)

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(Mahavishnu incarnation as a tortoise). The devtas and asuras made use of the Mountain of Mandara as churn-drill and the huge snake Vasuki as churning rope, and the churning of Milk Sea commenced. The gods took hold of the tail of the snake and as the churning was proceeding the churn-drill, the mountain of Mandara, having no fixation at the bottom sank down. Then Mahavisnu took the form of a kurma (turtle), and got under the Mandara mountain and lifted it up on his back. By the force of lifting it went higher and higher up. Then Mahavisnu took the form of an eagle and sat on the top of the mountain and it came down a little and placed itself in the right position. (Bhagavata, Skandha 8, Chapter 7; Agni Purana, Chapter 3; Valmiki Ramayana, Balakanda, Sarga 45).

There is a lake in the Himalayas called Indradyumna. Akupara is a tortoise living in it. There is also a statement that this is the Adi-Kurma (second of the ten incarnations of God). A description of Akupara is found in Chapter 199 of Vana Parva in Mahabharata.