Kondeshvara Mandir

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Ancient Shivalay located in the caves near Mumbai, is difficult to access during the rainy season.

Location: Badlapur ~65kms from Mumbai.

Timings: Before Sunset (This place is secluded and is in a un-inhabited place. So it better to leave the place around 1 hour before sunset.). The place is most beautiful, as well as most difficult to navigate, in the rainy season.

Kondeshvara Mandir mumbai.jpg

About the Temple: This is an ancient temple of Lord Śiva, now newly renovated and painted. The Lord here appears inside a cave in a hill. Nearby the temple flows a lake and a water-falls. The place is extremely beautiful, especially in the rainy season and secluded from any human in-habitation. Inside the main temple the are murti or vigrahas of various deities including Lord Ganesa. Nearby the temple there are two more small temples of: Kalika-devi and other deities. The place is ideal for dhyan and tapas.