Kodanda Ramalayam (TE)

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Location: This Rama temple is located in Devarayaamjal (Yamjal) village, beyond Kompally, Secunderabad.

Timings: Closed in afternoon (Pujari resides just beside temple.)


  1. Temple from Ramanujacharya era (11th century).
  2. Rare temple where Rama and Lakshmana, both hold Shankha and Chakra.
Kodanda ramalayam telangana.jpg

Details of the Temple: This temple is constructed perfectly as per agama-shastras and according to the style in Ramanujacharya era. Experts consider this structure to be built in the 11th century. This temple has 28 pillars, which is considered to be particular of Ramalayas. Seeta-Rama-Lakshmana-Anjaneya give darshan in the Garbhalaya. Interesting here, both Rama and Lakshmana hold Shankha, Chakra, and Kodanda. The main mandapa has naga-bandha yantra and Kurma yantra in the centre. Swamy’s pushkarini is on the right side. A few locals have seen a very rare sight related to this Pushkarini. In this Pushkarini there is a very long and old Naga. Some locals saw it during it’s trips to the temple. However, because of the Naga-bandha, there is no fear from venomous creatures.