Khila Suktas (खिलसूक्तानि)

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The Khila Suktas (Samskrit : ) are a collection of 98 mantras of the Rigveda, recorded in the Shakala shakha. They are late additions to the text of the Rigveda, but still belong to the "Mantra" period of Vedic Sanskrit.[1]

The Rig Veda samhita has according to Shakala Shaka 1017 mantras. It is the well known, widely referred and a definite form of the five shakas that are said to exist according to Charanavyuha. The other shakas did not differ much from Shakala except an omission or addition of certain suktas along with rearrangement. The additional mantras are called Khilani or Khila Suktas which have traditionally come down even though they cannot be attributed to any shaka and it is customary to publish them as a supplement to the Rig veda.[2]


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