Kautiliya Artha Vyavastha (कौटिलीयार्थव्यवस्था)

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Chanakya, also known as Kautilya and Vishnu Gupta, was the advisor to  Chandragupta (322 BCE - 298 BCE) of the Maurya Empire (321 BCE - 187 BCE).  Chanakya is credited to have identified Chandragupta as an able king at an early age and help him build the Maurya empire defeating the Nanda Empire on the east of India and the Greek appointed local rulers on the north-west of India.

Chanakya completed his studies at the Taxila, a  place of higher education at that time, and later become a teacher there. Chanakya was a great philosopher and scholar in the area of political science, economy, and governance. His treatise named Arthashastra explores economic policies, military strategies and discusses how to build a welfare state.  It is a compilation of many of the practices discussed in the Vedas and his own thoughts to achieve social welfare and is meant to provide guidelines for the rulers.

Chanakya's economic thoughts are fundamental in nature and even after 2500 years many of its teachings are still relevant to our society. and many of the current economic practices are actually suggested in it. Chanakya is the earliest contributor to the pre-classical economics. However, most of the contributions to the pre-classical economics  attributed to Greek and Roman philosophers like Aristotle, Pluto, Pliny, and Cicero even though Chanakya 's contributions came a millennium before them. This is mainly to the