Jogeshvari Devi Mandir

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Jogeshvari Mandir mumbai.jpg

Location: In Jogeshwari, Mumbai (map).

Timing: All day.

About the Temple: This is a very ancient cave temple from the times unknown. The modern historians consider it to be one of the first cave temples in India. The main deity here is Jogeśvarī Devi. The cave temple is so ancient that the near by area itself is known by the name Jogeshwari. There are also temples of Jogeśvar Mahadev (Lord Shiva), Gaṇeśh, Hanumān and Dattātreya.

The cave temple has excellent carvings and the style of sculpture is very close to that in Elephanta caves. Infact, the Dvarapālakas in both the temples look exactly the same.

Presently the caves are in a very poor condition with illegal encroachments and seepage from them into the temple premises. This is the state of affairs even after the temple is declared as protected monuments by Archeology department. We are fortunate that even till date regular pūjas are performed to the Devi and Devatas here.

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