Jagruteshvara Mahadeva Mandir

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Location: Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

About the Temple: This is a very ancient temple of Lord Śiva, who is here in the name of Jāgṛuteśwar. Interestingly, the yoni of the lingam here keeps increasing in size and currently is relatively fairly bigger than the lingam itself! Infact the name Jāgṛuteśwar is because the Lord here is awake and is growing. Keen observers, even today, realize this growth in the size of the yoni.

Jagruteshvar Mandir mumbai.jpg

The temple management recently renovated the temple and its surroundings. The temple and the surroundings are very clean and are very beautiful. A lot of surrounding land and a pushkariṇi belong to the temple. There two small temples of Lord Hanumān and Grāma-devata marī-āyi in the same campus. Near by the pushkariṇi, there is another ancient temple of Lord Śiva in the name of Kaṇakeśwar.