Chandika Devi Mandir

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Chandika devi Mandir Mumbai.jpg

Location: Naigaon, Thane. ~55 kms from Mumbai.

Kṣhetra Purāṇam: This is the divya kṣhetram where Goddess Mangala Chaṇḍikā, after slaying the Sumbha and Nisumbha rākṣhasas, came here in her ugra rūpam. The Goddess here appears in three forms: Mangala Chaṇḍikā, Mahiṣhāsura Mardini and Kālikā Devi. After being pacified here, the Goddess went to Nāśik and appeared as Saptaśṛuṅgi devi.

About the Temple: Though the Goddesses here are svayambhu, the temple structures are renovated and are fairly new. The three Goddesses appear on a rock of a hill inside a cave. One needs to ascend around 200 steps in order to reach this cave temple. It is very interesting that the honey bees here, many times, naturally construct their honey combs in the form of Śiva liṅga (see picture on left). Perhaps even the bees know that the place is sacred!

Near by Temples: Tungareśvar Mahādev Mandir, Chakresvar Mandir.