Ashtadikpalakas (अष्टदिक्पालकाः)

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Astadikpalakas are the eight deities ruling over the eight quarters of the universe. Though frequently mentioned, they are rarely worshiped. They are mostly represented on the central panel of the ceiling in the Mahamarylapa (chief pavilion) of a temple. Indra, Yama, Varurya and Kubera are the deities that rule over the east, south, west and north directions respectively. The intermediate directions are ruled by Agni (south-east), Niqti (south-west), Vayu (north-west) and Isana (north-east).

कुबेरः ईशः पतयः पूर्वादीनां दिशां क्रमात्. रविः शुक्रो महीसूनुः स्वर्भानुर्भानुजो विधुः। बुधो बृहस्पतिश्चेति दिशां चैव तथा ग्रहाः। ऐरावतः पुण्डरीको वामनः कुमुदोऽञ्जनः॥ Amarakosha (1।3।3।4।3)