Achara Rasayana (आचार रसायनम्)

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Achara rasayana (आचार रसायनम्) is a unique concept in Ayurveda that implies to a specific code of conduct, lifestyle and behavior which when followed religiously, brings about rejuvenation in the body-mind system.

One who adopts such behavioral practices is believed to gain all benefits of Rasayana (रसायनम्) therapy which offers rejuvenation, health, well-being, vigor, vitality and works as an anti-aging medicine. Since in this way, one can achieve the benefits of rejuvenation therapy just by following a particular conduct and without physically consuming any medicinal substance, it can be called as behavioral rejuvenation medicine.


Persons who are truthful and free from anger, who are devoid of alcohol and sex indulgence, who do not indulge in violence (himsa) or exhaustion, who are peaceful and pleasing in their speech, who practice japa (incantation) and cleanliness, who are stable and steady, who regularly practice charity and tapas (penance); who regularly offer prayers to the gods, teachers, preceptors and old people, who are absolutely free from barbarous acts, who are compassionate, whose period of awakening and sleep are regular, who habitually take milk and ghee, who acquainted with the measurement of (things appropriate to ) the country and the time, who are experts in the knowledge of rationality, who are free from ego, whose conduct is good, who are not narrow minded, who have love for adhyatmik knowledge, who have excellent sense organs, who have reverence for seniors, astikas (those who believe in the existence of God and validity of the knowledge of the Vedas), and persons having self-control and who regularly study scriptures, get the best out of rejuvenation therapy. If persons endowed with these qualities practice rejuvenation therapy, they get all the rejuvenation effects described above. Thus, the rejuvenation effects of good conduct are described [30-35] Carak-Samhita, Volume III, Chapter 1, translated by Bhagwan Das , Chowkhamba Publication, Varanasi

Components of Achara Rasayana

Traditional Behavioral Rasayanas:

Acharya Charaka explained 'Achara rasayana' in depth.[1] Following are the behavioral aspects of an individual who can get benefits of rejuvenation just by religiously observing this type of behaviour in society.

सत्यवादिनमक्रोधं निवृत्तं मद्यमैथुनात्| अहिंसकमनायासं प्रशान्तं प्रियवादिनम्||

जपशौचपरं धीरं दाननित्यं तपस्विनम्| देवगोब्राह्मणाचार्यगुरुवृद्धार्चने रतम्||

आनृशंस्यपरं नित्यं नित्यं करुणवेदिनम् | समजागरणस्वप्नं नित्यं क्षीरघृताशिनम्||

देशकालप्रमाणज्ञं युक्तिज्ञमनहङ्कृतम्| शस्ताचारमसङ्कीर्णमध्यात्मप्रवणेन्द्रियम्||

उपासितारं वृद्धानामास्तिकानां जितात्मनाम्| धर्मशास्त्रपरं विद्यान्नरं नित्यरसायनम्||

गुणैरेतैः समुदितैः प्रयुङ्क्ते यो रसायनम्| रसायनगुणान् सर्वान् यथोक्तान् स समश्नुते|| (Char. Samh. 1/4.30-35) [2]

atyavādinamakrodhaṁ nivr̥ttaṁ madyamaithunāt| ahiṁsakamanāyāsaṁ praśāntaṁ priyavādinam||

japaśaucaparaṁ dhīraṁ dānanityaṁ tapasvinam| devagobrāhmaṇācāryaguruvr̥ddhārcane ratam||

ānr̥śaṁsyaparaṁ nityaṁ nityaṁ karuṇavedinam | samajāgaraṇasvapnaṁ nityaṁ kṣīraghr̥tāśinam||

deśakālapramāṇajñaṁ yuktijñamanahaṅkr̥tam| śastācāramasaṅkīrṇamadhyātmapravaṇendriyam||

upāsitāraṁ vr̥ddhānāmāstikānāṁ jitātmanām| dharmaśāstraparaṁ vidyānnaraṁ nityarasāyanam||

guṇairetaiḥ samuditaiḥ prayuṅkte yo rasāyanam| rasāyanaguṇān sarvān yathoktān sa samaśnute||

Sadvrittam Anushtheyam: Follow the rules of Sadvritta (High Ethical and Moral Conduct) for Nithya Rasayana( Benefits of daily, non-material rejuvenative therapy)

“Satyavadinam akrodham…”

 Truthfulness

 Freedom from anger

 Non-indulgence in alcohol

 Nonviolence

 Calmness

 Sweet speech

 Engaged in meditation

 Cleanliness

 Perseverance

 Charitable

 Religious

 Respectful toward teachers, parents and elders

 Loving and compassionate

 Balanced in sleep and wakefulness

 Using ghee regularly

 Knowing the measure of time and place

 Controlling the senses

 Keeping the company of elders and the wise

 Positive attitude

 Self-control

 Devoted to Vedic scriptures

Evidence based practical applications of Achara rasayana

One should strive to bring happiness, cheerfulness, and positive manasbhavas to all. This attitude is termed as Hitayu, which is characteristic of our Indian culture. Anger and hostility are associated with CHD outcomes and predict the development of atrial fibrillation.

Untruthfulness, ungratefulness, disrespect for the gods, insult of the preceptors, sinful acts, misdeeds of past lives and intake of mutually contradictory food are the causative factors of kilasa (leucoderma).

Sukra (semen) and ojas (rasa or plasma including chyle) get diminished because of excessive emaciation as a result of jealousy, anxiety, fear, apprehension, anger, grief, excessive indulgence in sex, fasting and intake of less of nourishing

food. All these factors lead to the diminution of the unctuousness of the body and aggravation of the vayu. This aggravated vayu produces coryza, fever, cough, headache, dyspnoea, diarrhoea, and anorexia, pain in the chest, aphasia, and burning sensation in the shoulder region

Imager, touch, music and prayer as adjuncts to interventional cardiac care.

Ragas (music) exhibit positive effect on emotions and prolonged life. Music effectively improves quality of life increase health and probably prolongs life.

A good painting cleanses and curbs anxiety and banishes bad dreams.

Darshan-worshipping god and teachers,

Mantras-religious prayers, meditation, affect development of coronary artery disease and helps in stress management.

Serving elderly people, respect for the parents, avoid alcohol and smoking, satya (truth), ahimsa (nonviolence), brahmacharya (observance of sexual discipline) are clearly linked with cardiovascular disease. It is scientifically demonstrated.

Low testosterone levels are associated with fatigue, and exogenous testosterone has been shown to improve alertness and well-being in hypogonadal patients. The combination of extreme physical and mental stress in military survival training radically suppresses testosterone. Cortisol was positively correlated to testosterone, which makes stress, at least in the sense of increased hypothalamus- pituitaryadrenal (HPA) axis activity.

Antisocial behaviour in prisons, including violence, are reduced by vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids with similar implications for those eating poor diets in the community.

If an individual, even after suffering from AIDS follows the principles of sadvrta and Achara Rasayana, it wills minismise the risk of spreading AIDS to the other members of The Society.

Those who fail to follow the good conduct are prone to suffer from the Acts of prajnaparadha thus, helping the disease to spread more rapidly in the population.

Strongly followed Achara rasayan, were good at academics, enjoying good physical & mental health & friendly reputation among peers. Moderately following persons had variability of enjoying satisfactory to good physical & mental health, minor health problems, intermittent stress & few didn’t have healthy peer relation. Poorly followed Achararasayan were comparatively slow learners & low significant was found in various attendances.

Sleep and the circadian system are strong regulators of immunological processes. The basis of this influence is a bidirectional communication between the central nervous and immune system which is mediated by shared signals (neurotransmitters, hormones and cytokines) and irect innervations of the immune system by the autonomic nervous system. Nocturnal sleep, and especially SWS prevalent during the early night, promotes the release of GH and prolactin, while anti-inflammatory actions of cortisol and catecholamines are at the lowest levels

Significance of Achara rasayana

Those individuals who follow Achara rasayna get the best out of rejuvenation therapy. If persons endowed with these qualities practise rejuvenation therapy, they get all the rejuvenation effects described above.

In above verse these effects are classified in psychological, social, behavioral, adhyatmik, personal, food and nutritional aspect etc

  • In improving the personality
  • In improving the social relationship
  • In improving the physical health

Achara rasayana enhances the psycho-neuro- immunity. Achararasayana helps the individual in understanding the society and to know the role of an individual in society Achara rasayana is an adravyabhoota type of rasayana in which no pharmaceutical measure is taken under consideration. This is a methodology to rejuvenate tissues of body, develops mental health and other aspects of human life. It increases immunity of the body and mind which an essential factor for healthy life. It is also described in achara rasayana, to gain the knowledge of Vedic literature which sharpens our intellect. With the knowledge of literature, one will restrict himself from prajnaparadha. Speaking truth and sweat creates ojas in the body, the biochemical correlate of bliss and health. Speaking lies, on the other hand, creates ama, or impurities. Anger is within everyone in seed form. Like a fire with a small flame, if we put oil on it, it can flare up. By practicing unconditional forgiveness, we can prevent the seed of anger from becoming an uncontrollable wildfire. Anger not only creates ama and amavisha—flooding the body with harmful hormones—but it also burns ojas. In the Bhagavad Gita are said that "Anger is more powerful than fire”. Teachers and elders can teach us invaluable lessons by sharing their wisdom and experience. An elder or teacher can tell us how we tried to practice unconditional forgiveness, for instance, and what the results were. Listening to Vedic chanting, such as the Sama Veda, helps enhance coordination between heart and mind, senses and mind, and aligns our awareness with the laws of nature, so we can live a mistake-free life. All of the facets of the ayurvedic routine (massage, exercise, yoga, eating the blance diets timely help to promote positive behavior. By practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique, open our mind to pure consciousness, releasing stress and strengthening the intellect to allow us to make healthy choices in life. All of these foods are saatvic, meaning they are pure and convert easily to ojas. They are medhya, supporting the physical brain, and enhancing the coordination of mental functions. Tamasic foods are the opposite of saatvic—they break down the coordination between mind and body and inhibit the experience of pure consciousness. They create darkness rather than light. Tamasic foods include alcohol, garlic, onions, red meat, leftovers, and packaged foods, which have little life force. Anyone who wishes to practice Achara Rasayana should avoid them. It’s important to stay in the company of the wise, to choose like-minded, saavic friends who will support your desire to follow Achara Rasayana and away far from drinking alcoholic beverages or eating tamasic foods.

Relevance of Achara rasayana in 21st Century

The speed of crime is growing at the present time very fastly, so control is crucial need for adopts principles of Ayurveda. Achara rasayana theory of Ayurveda can play an important role in this. Contaminated food from getting contaminated mentality of today's human society in the way of Murder, kidnapping, sexual harassments, dowry deaths, child rapes, dacoity, cheating, gambling, immoral trafficking and cybercrime etc. are increasing. Crime against women across the country increased by around 10 per cent last year as compared to previous year The NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data, which has been categorised under the IPC crime and Special and Local Laws (SLL) reveals a 7 per cent increase from 2013.

Cost- effective strategy to reduce global burden of disease.

Achara rasayana (Ayurvedic lifestyle modification) has been highly significant clinically. Awareness about Achara Rasayana in physicians and health care policy makers needed.

Today we can be success to make India plan by properly using skill of young generation. It teaches about virtuous behaviors which are necessary to develop healthy society. It also works in the way to calmness of mind which is necessary to develop adhyatmik aspect. Thus, we can say that achara rasayana strengthens physical, mental, social and adhyatmik parts of health.