Svadharma (स्वधर्मः)

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According to the Bhagavata Purana, in every age, the dharma (the course of duties) of people is generally determined by their innate nature (accordingly as they are predominantly sattvik, rajasik or tamasik). The Vedic seers have regarded that (particular) course of dharma as conducive to happiness (of persons with such natures) both here and hereafter.[1]

प्रायः स्वभावविहितो नृणां धर्मो युगे युगे । वेददृग्भिः स्मृतो राजन् प्रेत्य चेह च शर्मकृत् ॥ ३१॥[2]

prāyaḥ svabhāvavihito nr̥ṇāṁ dharmo yuge yuge । vedadr̥gbhiḥ smr̥to rājan pretya ceha ca śarmakr̥t ॥ 31॥


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