Rasa (रसः)

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“Rasa” is one among the five qualities of dravya (substance). The term “rasa” means taste or the perception of taste. Also the guna (quality) of the rasendriya is known as rasa (the rasa dhatu among the saptdhatus is distinct from this rasa) Rasa in dravya(substance) are known by their effects in our body.


रस्यत आस्वाद्यत इति रसः | (Char. Samh. 1.64)[1]

Meaning: Rasa means which can be perceived by the tongue or that which can be tasted.

In a nutshell,

Rasa Mahabhuta
Madhura Prithvi, jala(earth+water)
Amla Prithvi, tejas(earth+fire)
Lavana Jala, tejas(water+fire)
Katu Vayu, tejas(air+fire)
Tikta Vayu, akasha(air+ether)
Kashaya Vayu, prithvi(air+earth)


  1. Chakrapani Commentary on Charaka Samhita (Sutrasthanam Adhyaya 1 Sutram 64)