Rakta Dhatu (रक्त धातु)

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The word 'Rakta' refers to red color. Thus Rakta dhatu literally means the body tissue that is red in color. Rakta dhatu is thus similar to blood tissue which is red in color. It is second in order of 7 dhatus forming building blocks of physical body. In Ayurveda, in the context of feminine health, the word 'Rakta' is also used to denote 'menstrual blood' or even 'ovum'.


Formation of Rakta dhatu

Location of Rakta dhatu

Panchabhoutik constitution


Upadhatu of Rakta dhatu and their function

Associated Dosha

Characteristics of purity of Rakta dhatu

Vitiating factors

Importance of Rakta dhatu in health and well-being