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Welcome to Class 1 Number Knowledge Lesson plan

Learning Objectives

  1. Read, write and recall numbers (cardinal numbers) from 0 to 120
  2. Understand partitioning of numbers (introduction to place values)
  3. Counting forwards and backwards
  4. Know the position of numbers (ordinal numbers)
  5. Comparing two 2-digit numbers
  6. Recognize odd and even numbers (0 to 50)
  7. Understanding Bhutasankhya sytem


Now that we know the importance of mathematics, let us learn to apply counting and calculations in our daily lives. First, we shall recall the numbers learnt till now and practice writing numbers.

Numbers Word Forms Numbers Word Forms
एकम् ११ एकादश
द्वे १२ द्वादश
त्रीणि १३ त्रयोदश
चत्वारि १४ चतुर्दश
पञ्च १५ पञ्चदश
षट् १६ षोडश
सप्त १७ सप्तदश
अष्ट १८ अष्टादश
नव १९ नवदश
१० दश २० विंशतिः