Durga Devi Mandir

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Durgadevi Mandir Mumbai.jpg

Location: Dugadi Fort, Kalyan, ~50km from Mumbai

About the Temple: This Durga temple is from the times of Chatrapati Śivāji. The temple is on top of a hillock surrounded by a fort, called as Durgaḍi fort. The original murti or vigraha was stolen and is now replaced with a new one. The temple and the surroundings also have been renovated. Unfortunately, this temple went through many controversies and sometimes even had to withstand unethical and biased enforcements  by the police and the government. For details please refer: https://www.hindujagruti.org/news/7891.html. We are fortunate to witness this ancient monument atleast in the current state, with regular poojas being performed to the Devi.

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