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Donate to Dharmawiki

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Dharmawiki's vision is to be the most comprehensive knowledge repository of topics related to Sanatana Dharma and be the link between the past and the future, revitalizing people to lead a dharmik jivana vidhana. In this endeavor we seek one and all like-minded people to contribute to rebuild the dharmik communities based on Sanatana Dharma.

Your Contributions

Your contributions to Dharmawiki are invaluable in any of the following modes

  • providing technical support
  • making monetary contributions
  • writing or editing articles
  • provide scholarly advise and research material on topics related to the theme of Dharmawiki
  • provide institutional services to run the project
  • marketing to reach out to school children and people
  • provide book references
  • organize conferences and workshops
  • introduce scholars who are remotely located
  • provide local legends and authentic photographs of our ancient temples

You can add to the evergrowing list of activities that can support and expand Dharmawiki's plans and we look forward for your support to this platform.

Our Projects

Your financial contributions at present supports a few of our projects such as

  1. Consultation payments for traditional scholars
  2. Make video productions of traditional scholarly inputs
  3. Support travel costs to reach out to remote scholars
  4. Procure technical and software requirements
  5. Support Research Assistants
  6. Conducting conferences and workshops
  7. Translations of articles
  8. Transcriptions of videos
  9. Support institutional requirements
  10. Purchase required reference books (rare and valuable books)

Online Modes of Donation

Scan the above QR code to pay through any popular modes of payment (PayTM, Gpay, PhonePe, BHIM, Amazon, etc)

Tax Exemption

Donors in India can claim tax exemption against 80G, for any donation.

Account Details

Wire Transfer / Internet Banking (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS): Donations for Dharmawiki through online and wire transfers can be sent to:

Account name: Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust

Bank: Axis Bank

Branch: Mira Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Type of account: Savings account

Account number: 914010055634798


For any queries please mail us on

Transaction Details

When you have finished making a donation to Dharmawiki, kindly mail following details to

  1. Your Name
  2. Your PAN number
  3. Current Profession
  4. Your Location
  5. Transaction Reference

This information will help us in acknowledging and thanking you for the cause.