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DharmaWiki portal is a platform for like-minded people, to read, discuss and contribute to the knowledge base of the subjects based on Sanatana Dharma and Shastras. Generally speaking it is a public source of narratives for widely accepted knowledge base of Vaidika Dharma or Sanatana Dharma.

Content Policies of DharmaWiki

The article and topic contributions on this portal are built keeping in mind the following must have aspects.

Dharmawiki Content Policies
मूलसिद्धान्तसमैक्यता ॥ Integral Unity of Sanatana Dharma
अननुवाद्यता ॥ Non-translatability
परीक्षणम् ॥ Verifiability
रचनासौष्ठवम् ॥ Towards Diligence
  • मूलसिद्धान्तसमैक्यता ॥ Integral Unity of Sanatana Dharma : Narratives highlight the rich diversity of various traditions with emphasis on the integral unity of core principles of Sanatana Dharma.
  • अननुवाद्यता ॥ Non-translatability : English or any language is grossly insufficient to explain the numerous nuances of the divine language Samskrit. Hence words such as Moksha translated as 'liberation' or 'release from bondage' do not exactly stand for Moksha. Hence such words, viz., atma, karma, moksha, sat, chit, etc are used as is in the narratives. We keep adding to the list of such words here.
  • परीक्षणम् ॥ Verifiability : Articles should contain references to primary sources which are properly cited at appropriate places to ensure verifiability of references cited.
  • रचनासौष्ठवम् ॥ Towards Diligence : The quality goals of narratives compiled here include : good research (after indepth study) maintaining depth of the subject, towards comprehensiveness and consistency. It is to be noted that the articles are foundational to provide a discussion platform and they are gradually refined over time with more scholarly inputs. Interdisciplinary extrapolations, and psychoanalysis are strongly discouraged here.
  • तन्त्रयुक्त्याधारः ॥ Based on Tantrayukti : Tantrayukti is the methodology adopted by ancient seers of Bharata in composing shastra works. According to Tantrayukti, the ideal structuring of a treatise should involve at least five aspects viz. प्रयोजनम् ॥ Prayojana (main objective), अधिकरणम् ॥ Adhikarana (the topic itself), विधानम् ॥ Vidhana (enlisting the arrangement of the topics), उद्देशः ॥ Uddesha (a brief statement of introduction to a topic ) and निर्देशः ॥ Nirdesha (detailed explanation of all sub-topics). This methodological approach in the presentation of a subject matter is extremely relevant to the Dharmawiki platform. All aspects required for systematic writing are discussed by Tantrayuktis. Therefore, Dharmawiki adopts Tantrayukti as the foundation for the compilation of articles and their structure. And encourages authors to reflect the application of Tantrayukti in the presentation of their content.

Scope of DharmaWiki

The article and topic contributions on this portal have the following additional views with an aim to include more insights in future.

Scope of Dharmawiki
संप्रदायसिद्धविषयः ॥ Sampradayasiddha Vishaya
व्यासादिऋषिपरंपरा ॥ Vysadi-Rshi Parampara
पुरुषार्थदृष्टिः ॥ Purushartha Drshti
कालानुक्रमणिका न ॥ No Dating or Chronology of Texts
भारतीय विद्वत्समीक्षा ॥ Bharat's Scholarly Views
संस्कृतमूलम् ॥ Original Samskrit Sources


All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. The development of this website is still not complete. This is a beta-launch to reach out to the users and contributors of Sanatana Dharma. Currently, many aspects such as building content, adding appropriate media, images, videos are in process. Please excuse any discrepancies in this effort and we look forward for inputs regarding the same.