Garbhadhana (गर्भाधानम्)

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Literally it means "implanting an embryo (into wife)". The name suggests the first sexual intercourse of husband and wife. It can be traced to Atharvaveda (5.25) and Bṛhadāraṇyakopaniṣat (6.4.21). This is to be performed on the fourth day after Menses.

Carakasaṃhitā (Śārīrasthānam, 2.25) says that the lady would give birth to a child similar to the one whom she had had in mind during conception:

गर्भोत्पत्तौ तु मनः स्त्रियाः यं जन्तुं व्रजेत् तत्सदृशं प्रसूते।

garbhotpattau tu manaḥ striyāḥ yaṃ jantuṃ vrajet tatsadṛśaṃ prasūte।