Ambarnath Mandir

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This is a Śivālayam located at Ambarnath, near Mumbai.

About the Temple: This is an ancient and an extremely beautiful temple of Lord Śiva, the king of the sky. The lingam here is swayambhū and appeared in the near-by river Vāldhunī. According to an inscription, the present temple structure was built by the Silhara kings in 1060AD. The temple structure is extremely rich in sculpture and is very attractive. The garbhālayam is few steps below the ground level and the lingam is exposed to the sky (ambar).

Ambarnath temple mumbai.jpg

The temple is built from black basalt stone and is constructed in the Bhumija style.The temple is an architectural marvel with beautiful sculptures covering almost every nook and corner of the temple. From a bird’s eye view, the temple is star shaped. The most striking sculptures are the idols of  Mahākālī and Pārvatī on the inner most wall of the temple. The severe contrast in the facial expressions is worth noting: Mahākālī has raudram and Pārvatī has śāntam expression respectively.